Evolution of Tea

Ever heard of the magical drink “Camellia sinensisis originated in Southeast Asia. Camellia Sinensis known as TEA in the world. Tea is first discovered by Chinese Empire in china at the 2737 BC. After that this drink refreshing peoples busy lives for the centuries.

Tea made from a leaf that plucked from a plant and the drink make by brewing it`s leaf with boiling water. Tea was initially served as a hot beverage and then it developed to cool beverage. In the modern day you can find hot and iced tea. In the different parts of the world tea drink in different ways. Some  drink tea with sweets , fruits or sometimes without any additives. Tea is used as a raw ingredient for other drinks also, like for cocktails, liquor and also for coca-cola.

Tea becomes the second most consumed drink in the world because of its magical taste and health benefits. Tea continents zero calories, Zero cholesterol & Zero Fat hence no wonder that it is consumed all over the world.  World famous teas from China, India & Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea considered as the best taste tea in the world.

Tea commercially started growing in the 1840s by British. Initially in tea trade was spread throughout the world with the sea trade. Tea trade is very popular nowadays. Every type of tea can find in every coroner of the world. Mainly there is Black Tea & Green Tea. Tea Trade has developed from the Sea trade to online trading of tea. With the wide spread of tea trade consumers can buy black tea online. Black tea considered as a day to day beverage. But green tea is considered as a medicinal tea. Consumers can also buy green tea online. Tea sells as loose tea & Tea bag. Tea grades form Tea Leafs to dust.  

Though tea originated in China, world best tea is from Sri Lanka. It is famous in the world as Ceylon Tea. There are different types of Ceylon tea found from different parts of the country. Mainly there are 7 regions in Sri Lanka that grow famous tea. Those are namely DIMBULA, NUWARA ELIYA, KANDY, UVA, UDA PUSSELLAWA, RUHUNA, and SABARAGAMUWA.

Ceylon tea has its unique characteristics due to the climate and soil condition of the country and the special process of manufacturing tea. 

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