Story of children who work at tea plantations in Sri Lanka

Tea plantations in Sri Lanka are well known for producing the best quality tea varieties. As a result, most of the people who buy tea online prefer to go ahead with Sri Lankan tea. While purchasing the finest quality tea varieties coming from Sri Lanka, it is also important to have a clear understanding about the store of the people who work at tea plantations in Sri Lanka. 


From the recent studies, it has been identified that a considerable percentage of children and teenagers work at the tea plantations located in Sri Lanka. Most of them are children who are aged under 14 and they come to work at the tea plantations along with their parents. At the tea plantations, children support their parents throughout the flush season by plucking tea leaves. They attend school during the weekdays and come to the tea plantations on Sunday for plucking. In fact, all family members get together and work at the tea plantations during the flush season. 


Working hours of children at tea plantations in Sri Lanka are similar to the working hours of their parents. Officially, they have to work for 8 hours a day. They are supposed to arrive at work during 7:00am in the morning. From 7:00am to 12:00noon. At 12:00, the weight of tea leaves plucked by children is calculated. Then they will have to continue work in the afternoon as well. Children will have to work up until 4:00pm in the evening. 


All the children who work for tea plantations in Sri Lanka should pluck a specific amount of kilograms per day in order to receive the daily wage. If they fail to pluck up to the minimum amount, they will be paid on a kilo rate. When the demand for Sri Lankan tea is high, these children have to work overtime along with their parents. 


When you buy Ceylon loose leaf tea in Australia, you purchase tea plucked by these children. Hence, you would be contributing towards the future of them. Apart from plucking tea leaves, children in Sri Lanka would be benefited by many other ways when you buy Ceylon loose leaf tea online in Australia. Children who work to create tea packets in Dabadeniya are a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. 


At Dabadeniya, you will be able to find a rich cottage industry. This has created an ideal environment for the manufacturing of tea packets. Children who live in less fortunate families make tea packets from the resources available to them. Then they go ahead and sell those tea packets to support their education. When you buy a packet of Sri Lankan tea, you would be supporting their education as well. In other words, you would be contributing towards the future of a child who is born to a less fortune family in Sri Lanka.